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GLLEN Goldfields Local Learning & Employment Network Local Learning & Employment Network

Welcome to the Goldfields Local Learning & Employment Network

 The Goldfields Local Learning and Employment Network has  been funded by the state government to improve education, training and  employment options and outcomes for young people in the City of Greater Bendigo  and the Shires of Central Goldfields and Mount Alexander.

  • The 2015 GLLEN End-of-Year Report celebrates the  achievements of the year and outlines a number of challenges for 2016
  • The 2016 GLLEN Work Plan describes the Key Deliverables required by the government and the place-based Strategic Actions to achieve these deliverables
  • The 2016 GLLEN Structured Workplace Learning Work Plan, a new 12-month contract, describes the Key Deliverables required by the  government and the place-based Strategic Actions to achieve these deliverables.

 The GLLEN team, including members of the Committee of  Management, look forward to strengthening its partnerships with education,  industry, business and the community throughout 2016.

We welcome Simon Flood, who has re-joined the GLLEN to facilitate the new Structured Workplace Learning Program

Anne Brosnan  Executive Officer

SWL Statewide Portal

Looking for on-the-job training?

The Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) Statewide Portal helps school students to find work placements with employers across Victoria.

Click on this link to go to the portal http://workplacements.education.vic.gov.au

...we all have an obligation to support young people in their efforts to gain sustained and worthwhile education, employment and/or training...


[updated July  2016]

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Icon AGM 2016 Guest presenters Report: Bendigo Technical School (300 Kb)
Icon 2016 GLLEN Mid-year progress report (500 Kb)
Icon 2016 SWL Work Plan (720 Kb)
Icon 2016 SWL GLLEN Midyear report (600 Kb)


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